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6 Reasons A Property Doesn’t Sell

  1. Market Condition= Interest Rate & Local Economy; This specific reason is one you cannot control but you can make a choice of when you want to sell. If interest rates are high & the economy is not doing well, there may be fewer buyers on the market, meaning you have less people looking at your home.
  2. Marketing; Picking an agent that aligns with what you are looking for is largely important. Are they able to offer the services you want to sell your home- open houses, postcards, social media presence, quality photography and so much more. You can control this one as well, but once you are with a quality agent doing all the proper marketing- this should not be a factor in why it’s NOT selling.
  3. Location; Location of the property is something you cannot change, but does have a factor on why you property may or may not be selling. If the location is undesirable- your buyer pool may be much smaller.
  4. Accessibility; Can people get into view the property? Sometimes selling a home can be a big commitment & frustrating to constantly have people in an out of your home. Although, when you are selling your home it is critical to allow people into see the property to decide if it is the place for them. If you have tenants, it can also be difficult to allow showings. Understanding accessibility is just one more factor on why your property may be sitting on the market.
  5. Property Condition; You are fully in control of this one- how does the property look to the outsider? Not only are there not major repairs that need to be done, but also how well is the property kept? Do you clean the house before a day of showings- have you removed personal items to allow buyers ease in picturing themselves in your home- has clutter been put away or have you taken advice about staging from your agent?
  6. Pricing; This is a key factor on why your home may not be selling. When you overprice a home, it can sit on the market because it is either out of a buyers budget or it does not match the current market price for similar homes. A Current Market Analysis that is usually provided by your agent should give you the most accurate baseline for pricing your home.

These are 6 key factors as to why your home may not be selling- take into account the different aspects and figure out if one of them may be the reason affecting your sale.


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