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Contract to close transaction management:
There are so many little pieces that go into making a transaction successful. Experience is
everything. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and when we don’t know, we
don’t know how it could have been better for us or how we could have headed off a
catastrophe that makes a deal fall through. Not to mention the stress!
With over 800 transactions under my belt and 15 years of experience as a
REALTOR® I’m here to help you navigate the next 45 days and ensure you have a successful
transaction. I keep track of the timeline, contract dates, lender, underwriter, title search,
scheduling septic and home inspections, appraisals and walk throughs. I am your Transaction
Manager. In addition to transaction management, I use my expertise and experience to answer
the following questions, so you don’t have to worry about it. Selling a home and organizing
your next move can be so stressful, let me take the stress away and let you concentrate on
moving your family to your next destination.

What do you do about the contract to be sure it covers your best interests?
What should I disclose? What do you mean there is a state form?
What do all of these loan types mean to me? And which ones are best for my property?
What do you do about the home inspection?
What is required and what is not? Smoke, CO, Radon, Railing, Etc…
What is usual and customary in our area for inspections, closing costs, list to sale ratio, etc?
What do I do about the appraisal?
What do I do when I don’t hear from an appraiser and the lender can‘t give me the name of
the appraiser who was assigned?
How do I navigate through all of the details of a successful transaction?
What do I do about having my septic system tested and what do I need to know in order to
ensure my best possible outcome? What can I expect?
When should I schedule the septic test?
What is the title report and how do I read it- what does all of this mean?
Do I need a new as-built survey and why? When should I get one if it’s needed?
What is a closing disclosure and why do I care as a seller?
How do I read the settlement statement?
What is the difference between closing and recording? AND, When do I get my money?

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