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March Market Update

Market Update for Fairbanks- March 17th Statistics
Market Update for North Pole- March 17th Statistics

March Market Update!

Let’s take a look at the market that we saw towards the middle of March. Not too much has changed between March and February- although the numbers aren’t extremely different it does show us that sellers are still holding strong right now. Listings are in high demand, buyers are entering the market steadily but may be on the house hunt for longer than usual because of low inventory.

Prices of homes are staying consistent to include the list to sales ratio for pricing at right around or above 98%.

Most sellers are getting to SOLD for the same list price.

This means that pricing is KEY!!! If a home matches price to the condition- it is selling for what you are asking. Be sure to think long and hard about what price you are asking because it can affect how long you stay on the market & how much you end up getting an offer for.

Give us a call if you want more information on timing your home going on the market & find out how to get ready!

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