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ROI Home Renovations

Return on investment for upgrades is a very common question we get asked when working with clients. Whether you are 4 weeks out of 5 years out from moving, people often want to know where their money will come back to them when they sell. Although we can give suggestions or current trends- there truly is no magic ball for if you will make money back after doing renovations. Trends and styles change every year, which means what you do now may not be “in style” 5 years from now. Often times renovations are enjoyed by the current owner but not always given back penny for penny. So make your decisions dependent on how long you will be in the home not just on if you will make the cost back.

There are less expensive improvements that you can do to spruce up your home and hopefully add value. Focus on these if you are getting ready to sell SOON! These include – interior paint, curb appeal (cleaning up the exterior), upgraded lighting, smart features, deep cleaning, new flooring, and even small bathroom updates. If you want home specific ideas, give us a call- we would be happy to walk through your home and give you more personalized ideas!

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