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Simple steps to improve the exterior of your home

Follow these simple tips to improve your home, from the outside.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Whether you want to get more enjoyment out of where you live, or you want to get top dollar when selling, these tips will be sure to help.

  1. Simple cleanup: Raking the leaves, trimming the bushes, pulling weeds, etc. will show that your yard has been maintained and well groomed. A fresh cut lawn will show that you take pride in ownership. Pick up any toys in the yard, left out water hoses or gardening tools to give your home a clean look.
  2. Pressure washing your walkways, the siding of your home, stairs, etc. will get rid of all the built-up dirt, pollen and grime. Pressure washing the exterior will freshen up your place and give it a whole new shine, that you may not have known was there. This helps keep mold and other unwanted contaminants away.
  3. Planting flowers strategically around your yard to add a touch of color and make your yard pop. Planting low maintenance flowers will ensure your yard looks fantastic, with little effort. Flowers like Daisies, Lavendar, Lily’s, and Dahlia’s are all great choices.
  4. A fresh coat of paint is also another great way to add some color and make your home look fresh. Refinishing your siding or give your home a whole new color. Paint your front door a fun color like red or blue to add a touch of character and make your home look inviting. Use a good quality exterior paint that will last and be sure to add value.
  5. Add exterior features such as bird baths, shaded canopy in the back yard, or decorate for the season. Along with planted flowers, you can add a touch of character and class to your home with some simple additions.

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